The Aurora Pyramid of Hope

I will always remember that day in 1980 when a golden yellow diamond that burned like the evening sun setting in the western sky was flashed in front on my eyes by a fellow trader. It had a hypnotic glow that kept me staring in wonder. I did not know at the time that this experience had been for me a true epiphany, that the revelation of such beauty would instill in me a passion to learn everything possible about these mystical stones. I did not know then that the seed for the Aurora Pyramid of Hope had been firmly planted in my soul.

The Aurora Pyramid of Hope began as a quest for finding and bringing together the most exceptional natural colored diamonds. Creating the Aurora Pyramid of Hope involved the joy of searching the world for new specimens and the thrill of adding missing parts to the puzzle.

My partner, Harry Rodman and I patiently and deliberately selected the diamonds in the Aurora Pyramid of Hope according to a plan focused on the extensive diversity of diamond colors offered by nature, while attempting to have as many examples as possible of different color varieties and saturations. Size, shape, or freedom from inclusions was never deciding criteria for inclusion. A basic premise is that all colored diamonds are examples of nature at her geological best. Thus, each has a place in the family of colored diamonds and are represented. Every diamond in the Aurora Pyramid of Hope has a history of how it came to our hands, but the fact that they live together as one unit is all that really matters.

Alan Bronstein