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Testimonials about
"Collecting and Classifying Coloured Diamonds"


"This book is without question the bench mark for the extraordinary world of colored diamonds and any other publication past, present or future will be measured against this. There is no question that it will be an invaluable part of our library not only for day to day reference but when we also need to look at the bigger picture."

Mr. Simon Teakle
Senior Vice President, Christie's
New York, NY

"May I congratulate you on the production of this very important work. You must be very proud of the end result after so many years of hard work."

Mr. Nicholas Oppenheimer
Chairman, DeBeers, London, UK

"I have thoroughly enjoyed your tome. I feel this is a milestone. For our industry and the colored diamond field, it is comparable to the Gutenberg Bible and I doubt it will ever be superseded. It stands as a work for all time."

Mr. Ronald Winston
President, Harry Winston, New York, NY

"I am awe-struck with the amount of work and scholarship that has gone into this massive volume. It will surely become the definitive text on colored diamonds and the science of colored diamonds; moreover it is a work of art in its own right."

Dr. Alan Collins
Professor of Physics,
King's College, London, UK

"This book pushes the envelope of colored diamond grading science. This serious work needs to be read and discussed by diamond dealers, jewelers, gemologists, and collectors."

Mr. Robert Genis
Gemstone Correspondent, Rapaport Report, New York, NY

"One will never look at a colored diamond — much less a flower or sunset — without thinking of this impassioned work that excites both the mind and the eye."

Ms. Lynn Ramsey
President/CEO, Jewelry Information Center


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