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Aurora Gems Alan Bronstein is among the world's most trusted advisors of colored diamonds to leading jewelers, fine jewelry designers, and private investors. Alan is the respected curator of the world's most famous natural fancy colored diamond collections, the Aurora Pyramid of Hope and the Butterfly of Peace Collection. He lectures widely ranging from the United Nations to the New York University. He has published two seminal books, "Collecting and Classifying Coloured Diamonds - An Illustrated Study of the Aurora Collection" and "Forever Brilliant: The Aurora Collection of Colored Diamonds". Alan sets uncompromising standards of qualifying and sourcing the most rare and beautiful diamonds for discerning collectors and connoisseurs.

"...All the colors of flowers and foliage and even the blue sky and the glory of the sunset clouds, only last for a short time, and are subject to continual change, but the sheen and coloration of precious stones are the same today as they were thousands of yeas ago and will be for thousands of years to come. In a world of change, this permanence has a charm of its own that was early appreciated."

G. F. Kunz, 1913

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