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Glittering A.C. goes on display again in London Natural History Museum
November 10, 2006

A multi-million diamond collection is on show in London.
July 2005

"Press release from London Natural History Museum."

I will always remember that day in 1980 when a golden yellow diamond that burned like the evening sun setting in the western sky was flashed in front on my eyes by a fellow trader. It had a hypnotic glow that kept me staring in wonder. I did not know at the time that this experience had been for me a true epiphany, that the revelation of such beauty would instill in me a passion to learn everything possible about these mystical stones. I did not know then that the seed for the Aurora Pyramid of Hope had been firmly planted in my soul.

"I invite you to experience a rare view of nature's masterpieces"

Alan Bronstein

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