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"Forever Brilliant: The Aurora Collection of Colored Diamonds"


"The Aurora Pyramid of Hope is the world's largest and most complete collection of colored diamonds. This collection of 260 colored diamonds, that range in weight from 0.13-2.88 ct, and include specimens from each of the twelve hues (white, gray, black, purple, pink, red, orange, brown, yellow, olive, green and blue) in which diamond is known to occur naturally, was painstakingly assembled over two decades by the connoisseurship and dedication of two New York diamond consultants, Alan Bronstein and his partner Harry Rodman.

Since 1989, this collection has been on loan for public display at the Morgan Hall of Gems, American Museum of Natural History in New York. Ashland Press and Aurora Gems published this book to help readers become acquainted with the collection without requiring deep technical knowledge.

The authors, photographer, and publishers have achieved within the covers of this 89-page A4 page size hardcover. The collection is introduced by three written contributions: a description of the passion and dedication behind the formation of the collection by Alan Bronstein; a brief history of man's long interest in colored diamonds by historian Janet Zapata; and an introduction to the Aurora collection, diamond color and its description by Steven Hofer.

The bulk of the book consists of 64 pages in which each specimen in the collection is illustrated and described systematically by weight, measurements, shape, cutting style, common color name, hue, lightness, and saturation. With photography by Tino Hamid, and computer-aided control of printing, the authors have attempted (quite successfully) to reproduce the realistic face-up color of each diamond. To allow color comparisons to be made, each page of this section contains an image of the same D color diamond standard.

For devotees of Stephen Hofer's terminology for describing the colors of colored diamonds, this book is the simplified version of Hofer's 1998 classic "Collecting and Classifying Coloured Diamonds". If you would like to have a record of the kaleidoscopic array of colors in which diamond occurs, then this is the book for you."

Dr. Grahame Brown, Editor
The Australian Gemologist


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