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The Aurora Butterfly of Peace

GIA to Exhibit the Aurora Diamond Butterfly
Jewelers Circular Keystone, May 2008

Aurora Butterfly of Peace on Display at Smithsonian
Gems & Geology, The Quarterly Journal of GIA, March 2005

Currently on exhibition at the National Gem Collection, Smithsonian Institution
extended to July 31, 2005.

"These are flowers that fly and all but sing" is the way Robert Frost describes them in his poem Blue Butterfly Day. Butterflies are one of the most dazzling, beautiful and beloved creatures in existence. They are Mother Nature's most diverse and colorful masterpiece with more than 20,000 species worldwide. As they float on the air their gossamer wings dance effortlessly to the rhythm of the breeze. A universal symbol of a peaceful and happy spirit, butterflies have been the inspiration of all forms of art, poetry, song and literature for recorded history. Paintings, sculpture and jewelry attempt to capture the colors and lacework patterns of their wings. The glistening of the designs of powdered iridescence, painted with the dust of rainbows by angels, brings us closer to our creator.

The Aurora Butterfly of Peace is art in a new medium, natural color diamonds. The Aurora Butterfly of Peace is meant to pay homage to our greatest earthly symbol of peace and beauty.

The 240 natural color diamonds are an abstract representation, whose fire and brilliance project the energy of the living soul. The mosaic of different colors encompasses all the varieties of diamonds. The wings of the butterfly are balanced and subtly imperfect in their symmetry to symbolize the art of man cannot duplicate the perfection of nature. Therefore it remains a tribute to the handiwork of our creator.

The crystallization of the butterfly began with 60 diamonds and has reached its present metamorphosis to 240 diamonds weighing 166.94 carats over the last 12 years. When the butterfly reached 162 stones it was ready to take flight and was displayed at the Houston Museum of Natural Science from June 1994 to March 1996. Then it was returned to the cocoon and has now reached its full maturation.

The Aurora Butterfly of Peace is dedicated to all the people of the world and to universal peace and harmony among all men, religions and races.

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