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Aurora Gems History of Colored Diamonds

The mystique of diamonds has fascinated mankind since these precious stones were first discovered, probably as early as 3000 B.C.

Collected, treasured, and sought-after even to the point of malice, they became symbols of power and wealth. Their beauty and glamour is desired more than any other gemstone. Much has been written about diamonds, designers of diamond jewelry, and prominent owners of such beautiful objects of desire. Most of this literature focuses on colorless diamonds (often referred to as white diamonds), by far the most abundant variety of this precious stone; in fact, when most people say 'diamond,' they mean colorless diamond. Far less known because they are the rarer, colored diamonds and have remained in the shadow of their colorless siblings until relatively recent times.

The popularity of colored diamonds is a relatively recent phenomenon. Yet there is a rich lore of colored diamonds embedded into the overall history of precious stones. Understanding this historical perspective can give us a valuable context for appreciating the rarity and value of the Aurora Pyramid of Hope.

"Nature has given birth to many beautiful creations. Among the rarest are natural colored diamonds. Like pieces of a rainbow frozen in time for eternity, they are hypnotic to the gaze. A natural colored diamond captivates you with its brilliance, fire and color.

Alan Bronstein

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